WWDMagic Feb 2014


WWDMagic is an array of different women’s fashion  styles in clothing , shoes and accessories. The days were packed with buying new goods for The Beat Clothing. We visited and shopped with brands such as Lush, Retro Brand, Junkfood, Jaeci Designs, Moon, UnderStar and See you Monday. You will see some of the styles in store as early as this week and lasting all Spring and Summer. Some styles we picked up include bold printed separates, rompers, graphic tees and some killer dresses.


We also picked up some new brands including Joyce, Deadburydead, Neoclassics, Industry Bastards and JC Fits. You are about to see a lot more graphic tees in store. We worked really hard on finding awesome graphics on quality tees at reasonable prices so get excited ! Stay tuned on Facebook to see when they all arrive!


dead9879 deadi9 industrybastards09 jaeci8098 jaeci09890 jcfits jcjhoi lush lush1 lush3 magic 2 moon moon2 moon343 neo809 neo9890 seeyou seeyou898 understa44 understar understar2 understar3


Tribute to The Beatles

In case you missed the Beatles tribute last night on CBS, here’s a recap of a night that celebrated the influential Beatles.

The whole program featured interviews and performances of Beatles covers from grammy winning artists. Yesterday, February 9th was  the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. According to CBS, “The Beatles’ first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” is one of the most-watched television events ever, with 74 million people tuning in to watch the group perform five songs during the variety hour. It is considered by many historians and critics to be one of the most important moments in music and television. ”

Definitely a day worth celebrating!

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Check in and get REWARDS!

Check in to The Beat Clothing and get special rewards!Do you love getting discounts? Well at The Beat Clothing we already give you super low prices every single day, but just because we love you so much we want to give you even more savings!

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The only way to get this awesome discount is by coming in! Get in here and get styled by one of our fabulous stylists! Not only do you get the discount for being a loyal customer you are also racking up some serious VIP points on all non sale items!

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Color Blocking at The Beat

Color blocking is everywhere this spring. What exactly is this new trend, you may be asking yourself. Well, color-blocking is using three or more solid colors that pop when added all together. Turquoise, coral, and yellow is a great example of colors coming together to create an amazing pop.

We have some amazing new pieces we just got in that are going to make you FLIP for the season’s eye catching trend. Take a look!

The Beat Clothing color blocking spring 2012 trends

This blush pink, black, and white color blocked dress is a sophisticated and subtle take on the normally bright trend.

The Beat Clothing color blocking for Spring 2012 trend

Here is a great example of turquoise, coral, and yellow coming together to create a super fun and flirty day look. Plus crop tops with a chunky necklace just add a little extra glam.

The Beat Clothing color blocking for Spring 2012 trend

Even shoes are being color blocked! We also have these same shoes in yellow and cobalt blue, variety is the spice of life after all.

On the runway:

Spring is definitely here and has brought all of its fave colors with it. Don’t miss the fashion train on this trend, come into The Beat and tell one of our complementary stylists that you want the cutest color blocked outfit PRONTO!

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Oscar Inspired Winning Looks

The Oscars was an amazing television event this year! The Cirque Du Soleil opening and all of the incredible set designs created a magical atmosphere for 2011’s best and brightest to shine. Three movies in particular got more awards and attention than any others; Hugo, The Iron Lady, and The Artist. We decided to create some fun looks inspired by these box office heavy weights. Enjoy!


In IMDB’s description, Hugo is “Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton.” Hugo took home 6 Oscars this year at the Academy Awards.

Chloë Grace Moretz and Asa Butterfield in Martin Scorsese's Hugo.

The movie is mostly dark and grey but when there is color it is bright, colorful, and seems magical. Our look is below.

For our look we incorporated bright bursts of color in the bird bracelet to match the bright stripes in the dress. We mixed the colors with geometric lines and dots. The dress is a simple A-Line silhouette so to add some shape we waist-belted it with a scarf underneath. The finishing touch for this outfit is our new geometric heels.

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep plays Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and what the price her success and power cost her. Meryl Streep won her third Oscar for Best Actress, while the movie itself won 2 awards. IMDB has more info on the movie here.

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady

For our look we really played with the vintage look of the film to create an updated yet classic look.

Pairing a more conservative top and gold jacket with bright royal blue skinny jeans, a felt bucket hat, and canvas strappy heels. Don’t forget the pearls of course! Look classy without looking stuffy.

The Artist

The Artist took the Oscars by storm this year by winning a total of 5 awards including Best Picture and Best Actor. Set in Hollywood in 1927, The Artist reinvents silent films and the changing careers of all those actors and actresses that either had to adapt to new talking films or be forgotten.

Jean Dujardin and Missi Pyle in The Artist

The late 20’s and early ’30s were a very fashionable time! Skirts and Haircuts were getting shorter and shorter, while accessories got bigger and better. We created a look that takes the classic elements of this era and gave it a modern twist.

To recreate the boxier silhouette of the late 20’s we used one of our new dresses layered with macramé style lace instead of fringe that would have been used in that era. We then paired it with stacked gold necklaces, a feather cuff, and a feather headband.

These are our Oscar Winning looks, do you have any looks inspired by great movies? We want to see them! Post pix in the comments!

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New Brand Giving Back: Signorelli

With so much corruption in the big corporation world finding a responsible brand passionate about doing good in the world is a breath of fresh air. Signorelli is that brand. All of their pieces are made to inspire humanitarian fashion, using organic fabrics, creating peaceful and loving graphics, and making sure everything is made right here in America.

In 2005 Meredith Garret decided she wanted to start a company with a purpose. Every tee thats purchased donates back to one of eight socially charged and community driven charities: Computers for Africa, Organic Gardens for Public schools, Inspire the Arts, Educate America, Cause for Paws, Awareness for Breast Cancer, Wildlife Adoption Program or Giving the Shirt Off Our Back.

By 2009 Meredith and her humanitarian company had raised over half a million dollars for such causes as the American Heart Association,  The Children’s Health Fund, Susan G. Komen, PETA, and UNICEF, just to name a few. It was then Meredith started a non-profit movement for her own brand and The Signorelli Movement Foundation 501C3 was born. They continuously work with different initiatives and causes to help provide positive change in the world.

Here are the t’s we’re carrying and some looks we put together to go with them. Enjoy!

Signorelli Rose Print Tank Top Outfit at The Beat Clothing

Buying this tank donates to Organic Gardens for Public Schools

Signorelli Lost in Nature print t-shirt donations go to Organic Gardens for Public Schools

Buying this tee also donates to Organic Gardens for Public Schools

Signorelli Free Spirit Print at The Beat Clothing donates to Inspire the Arts, American made, organic fabric

Purchasing this tee donates to Inspire the Arts

Signorelli's Live from Your Heart print tee shirt at The Beat Clothing, donates to Inspire the Arts charity

When you purchase this tee your also donating to Inspire the Arts.

Now having amazing style can make an amazing difference in the world. Help make change and shop responsibly.

Betsy Johnson and Other Celebrities at Magic, Las Vegas- Day 2

Being in Las Vegas is magical enough, but when you throw in fashion-centric parties, pink champagne, and celebrities then you have just bumped up the awesomeness by about 5000 notches.

The second day of the Magic Marketplace did not disappoint. There were amazing demonstrations, panal discussions, and of course more fashion than any girl could handle in one day. Along the way our Marketing Manager, Brittany, managed to rub elbows with some recognizable faces.

While standing in line for some lunch she happened to hear the unforgetable Texas accent of Hell’s Kitchen Season 9 contestent, Carrie. She was very nice and happy to be helping her friend’s booth at Project, and was totally cool about taking a quick photo before dishing all about LMFAO’s performance at one of the casino’s clubs the night before.

Pool Tradeshow, Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, The Beat Clothing

Carrie from Hell's Kitchen Season 9

After lunch Brittany had to boogie over to the Las Vegas Convention Center for a panel discussion when she happened to run into Miss America… As in the winner of the legendary Miss America pageant where beautiful women from all over the country compete to be the most beautifulist, or whatever. She was in a hurry to her next appearance but was really nice about making some photo-op time. The dress she was wearing was ugh… well… okay lets be honest it was a total nightmare (I mean just LOOK AT IT! What’s up 1994, I see you forgot a few sequins over here), but she makes up for it with being so friendly and that super blingin’ crown.

Magic Marketplace, Las Vegas Convention Center

Yay, she was the winner!

Now is about the time things get super interesting, turns out Betsy Johnson was making an appearance right where Brittany happened to be! Fancy that. She flew in from New York and as soon as she got off the plane she was taking photos with adoring fans, talking to buyers, presenting and explaining some of her pieces, and was over all a little spit fire of energy, for reals, she is really tiny. When Betsy’s around the whole room feels lighter and way more fun, and of course the pink champagne that was flowing didnt hurt.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Betsy's a hugger.

The second day of Magic was exactly that, Magic. Hold on to your hats ladies because we got some of the coolest new merchandise coming into the store that you wont see anywhere else (unless you were at Magic, if thats the case than you’ll be double pumped.) So share this with the ladies you love and go shopping!

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